GMHB Handbook

GMHB Handbook is an informal guide intended to assist individuals and organizations in bringing cases before Washington’s Growth Management Hearings Board.


Motion to Intervene
Petition for Review
Declaration of Service
Request for Settlement Extension
Stipulated Joint Motion of Dismissal
Motion for Reconsideration

Case Management System

Contact Form

Training Guides

Procedural Rules

Washington Administrative Code 242-03

Revised Code of Washington (RCW)

Washington Administrative Code (WAC)

  • Board Rules of Practice and Procedures: WAC 242-03
  • Compliance with State Environmental Policy Act: WAC 242-06
  • Minimum Guidelines for Natural Resource Lands and Critical Areas: WAC 365-190
  • Procedural Criteria for Adopting Comprehensive Plans and Development Regulations: WAC 365-196
  • Best Available Science: WAC 365-195
  • State Environmental Policy Act Rules: WAC 197-11
  • Shoreline Management Act Rules: WAC 173-26

Digest and Summary of GMHB Decisions

The Digest provides synopses of cases and their key holdings.

Digest of Decisions before 2010