Environmental and Land Use Hearings Office

The Environmental and Land Use Hearings Office (ELUHO) houses three, quasi-judicial boards: the Growth Management Hearings Board, the Pollution Control Hearings Board, and the Shorelines Hearings Board. These boards review environmental and land-use decisions made by state agencies, local governments, and others. The boards issue decisions on matters impacting Washington’s natural resources, residents, communities, and economies. ELUHO provides administrative and legal support to the boards.


Our agency's mission is to resolve legal challenges of governmental decisions on environmental permits or land use plans and development regulations.

Strategic Plan

Organizational Chart

Organizational Chart

ELUHO’s Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The Environmental and Land Use Hearings Office (ELUHO) acknowledges that systemic inequities, such as racism, sexism, and ableism, abound in our communities and institutions. As public servants for the State of Washington, we are responsible for helping dismantle these inequities by providing equitable access to the services we provide.

ELUHO is committed to reducing disparities by building an equity framework into our key business lines and culture. We prioritize access to justice for marginalized individuals and communities by identifying and helping to dissolve the barriers to administrative processes, such as lack of awareness and easy-to-understand information.

We recognize the importance of community representation in the workplace and strive to hire and retain a diverse workforce. We understand that each person brings their own history, experience, and values when they come to work. We aim to develop employees to recognize bias, avoid biased decision-making, and actively promote equity and inclusion in the workplace.